Workplace Mediators

Recognising When Workplace Mediation is Required

Do you find that individuals, or groups, in your organisation are clashing over the same issues time and time again; and are their conflicts are starting to cause real problems for your business?

Everyone is different; possessing their own views and opinions, but these can sometimes clash with others and quickly develop in to a heated conflict.Conflicts and disputes can arise suddenly from almost any area of the business, including:

  • Conflict over individual working practices
  • Disagreements over certain behaviours or relationships
  • Allegations of unfair or unequal treatment
  • Conflicts between departments over scarce resources.
Do any of these situations sound familiar? If so, you could benefit from the services of a workplace mediation specialist.

Workplace Mediation Swansea

Conflict can be dangerous in all areas of life, but at the workplace, can often spin out of control and cause a ripple effect of damage. Conflict is complex; it deskills us. It can undermine trust and respect in working relationships, increase absence and erode efficiency.

Often, as the conflict builds and causes irrational thoughts and actions to manifest themselves, it can take over all other aspects of the working environment . It can often eclipse the starting point of the conflict itself, merely leaving behind unsolicited anger or resentment. It goes without saying how dangerous these feelings can be in an environment where people are expected to work amicably together every day.

There are many well-meaning managers who bear the scars from stepping in to help, and the solution still eludes the parties. However, the solution is rarely predictable by an observer, and the quest to provide a solution is one of the main reasons why untrained, well-meaning interventions are not working. The process of workplace mediation is very different.

What is workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation is the process by which the conflicting parties will come to understand each other, and learn to communicate their feelings, conditions, and possible solutions; while all the time knowing that they will be considered and listened to by the other party.

Our specialists focus on the warring parties’ individual and specific needs; helping them to communicate their concerns by focusing the interaction within an agreed structure. Reframing the content of what is being said into terms that relate to both parties’ needs, enables the parties to “hear” the other party and be “heard” themselves, probably for the first time. As both parties become more open to discussion, and believe a solution is possible, the irrational feeling of resentment fades, and they are often able to develop their own win-win situation, or a way of successfully working together in the future. This is often achieved in less than a third of the time taken to complete a formal grievance procedure.

As part of HCHR’s workplace mediation services, we can:

  • Conduct sessions on client premises.
  • Draft/update policies to include a firm culture of resolution.
  • Help set up and establish internal mediation systems.
  • Coach managers/supervisors on how to deal with difficult employee situations.
  • Provide mediators to supplement an internal workplace mediation system.
  • Teach managers how to identify potential future conflicts, and how take appropriate actions to prevent further conflict.

HCHR employs qualified mediators who are skilled in addressing conflicts in any kind of business or industry. Thinking about a professional mediation service could mean the difference between harmony and discord in the workplace, and potentially causing much larger problems for your business long-term.

Workplace Mediation Case Study Video

For a fun but enlightening example of a work place mediation scenario, check out the video below:


Conflict in the workplace

Can you afford to let any dispute or conflict grow to proportions that threaten the integrity of your business? Disagreements can quickly run away from you and cause a variety of unseen problems. Make sure you stay in control.

Professional mediators at HCHR can provide hands on help and support to solve almost any conflict across any business sector.

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