Tips for LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace

By 3rd July 2018 Human Resources, LGBT Inclusion

LGBT InclusionAs controversial “gay conversion therapies” are to be banned as part of a government plan to improve the lives of gay and transgender people, diversity is a topic that has continues to be a major talking point when it comes to equality in the workplace. Yet some companies are still grappling with defining what this means to their organisation in terms of LGBT inclusions, communicating why diversity is important and finding ways to consistently and meaningfully include diversity as a priority in their overall talent management strategy.


LGBT Inclusion

With more and more Pride events taking place across the UK every year, now is the time to think about lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) diversity in your business and to leverage the heightened awareness of Gay Pride to drive home diversity messaging at your workplace.

To this end, Stonewall, is a professional lobbying group that prevents discrimination against the LGBT community, has come up with 10 tips for LGBT inclusion in the workplace.  The organisation states that: “People perform better when they can be themselves, and if you’re looking to make sure that lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people are fully included in your workplace, we’ve got some tips to help.”

Read Stonewall’s top tips here.


If you’re a business owner who wants to improve awareness of diversity in their business, but don’t have an experienced HR team to manage this process, then call HCHR today.  We are an independent consultancy, working with businesses across the UK, to develop internal policies and procedures to ensure that equality and diversity in the workplace is widespread and understood.

LGBT Inclusion

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