Switch Off to Switch Back On

By 6th July 2018 Human Resources

Summer holidays and workIt always makes me laugh when you’re in the midst of an IT crisis and the first thing that you’re asked is “have you tried switching the device off and back on…” And, as if by magic, things reboot and start working.

If only there were life reboots and updates (I for one wouldn’t mind one). However, returning after a week’s holiday I do feel as if I’ve switched off and switched back on again.

I preach to my clients about time management and the importance of staff taking regularly spaced holiday throughout the year. But, let’s be honest, as a business owner or manager, it’s not always easy or straightforward.  Aha! There is my comfortable default excuse. I know I’m working hard but we need to make time for what is important.

My dad has always said to me, “don’t be a busy fool!” Although I don’t know if he would survive a day in my HR heels!

So writing on the runway, from a faraway land, what remains to be seen is if I am indeed more effective after my reboot!

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