Restructures & Redundancy

We can help during difficult times

Planning to down size?

  • How do you select the right people?
  • How do you avoid the expense and upheaval of an Employment Tribunal?
  • How to you motivate remaining staff?
  • Looking for pragmatic experience, advice and hands on help?

During difficult times involving restructuring and redundancy, having recourse to an experienced and objective third-party HR organisation to support the process is invaluable.

Let us help

For many managers, making people redundant is a new and unwelcome experience – almost as emotionally difficult for the manager as the employee.

Our industry experienced HR Managers have managed a wide range of redundancies, in a wide range of industries, from 1 or 2 people, groups of people/departments, to unit/company closures and the complicated restructuring following company mergers and TUPE situations.

Our experience shows it is possible to achieve business change whilst being fair and treating people with dignity and respect. It is not always comfortable, but handled well, people understand why the decision has been made and the company can grow from strength to strength.

Our help to you is tailored to your requirements and ranges from telephone advice, drafting plans/scripts and letters, attending meetings taking notes to managing the whole process from start to finish.

Irrespective of the numbers involved the following is key to success:-

  • Careful planning
  • Clear effective communication and consultation
  • Understanding of employment law issues
  • Help for the people being made redundant and the survivors!

How we can help

  • Redundancies, lay-offs and short-time working
  • Planning redundancy communication and follow through
  • Avoiding redundancies
  • Redundancy selection process, including criteria
  • Redundancy consultation: collective/individual
  • Rights of redundant employees
  • How to help redundant employees
  • Identifying and resolving potential problems during
    & following redundancy
  • Planning ahead to avoid redundancy.

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