Managing Change Effectively

HR exists to help businesses achieve their objectives with their people.

The following are examples of the ways in which HCHR could help your business:-

Managing Change Effectively

Are there any organisation structure changes due? Is the company going through a culture change? If handled badly, morale can plummet and the business can be damaged by employment tribunal claims. HCHR will help you achieve the change your business needs, from assisting with the strategic idea, to hands on implementation. We will consult and train staff, and coach managers in how to achieve the change they want within the confines of the law!

TUPE – Purchase of a business

TUPE: Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment. If you are taking over another company you will inherit the employees on their current terms. Any dismissal that is a direct result of the transfer is automatically unfair.

But you have probably bought the business to make changes. You can, but you need to know how to go about it, such that any subsequent dismissal is fair. We will show you how to do this and, where necessary, will conduct the necessary consultations on your behalf. Sounds complicated? – We are experienced and can take the hassle out of this for you. HCHR will advise on the appropriate procedure and then train your managers to follow these procedures.

Performance Appraisal Systems

Many organisations invest in an appraisal system which ends up being a waste of time and a paper filling exercise. HCHR believes there is no point whatsoever in having an appraisal system unless it is meaningful for all parties. HCHR help managers and staff understand the benefits of appraisal and, working with you, will design a system that will work for you. Training is essential to the success of this project and the outcomes.


Labour Turnover Analysis/ Retention

What is your current turnover rate? Do you find many of your employees leaving?  HCHR will conduct a labour turnover analysis for your company so that you can identify why staff are leaving and we will help you to implement strategies to increase retention.

Succession Planning

Where will your business be in 5 years time? Do you have the staff to take you there? What if they leave? HCHR will help senior executives to review their top executives, and those in the next level, to determine several backups for each senior position.

This is important because it often takes years of grooming to develop effective senior managers. There is a critical shortage in companies of middle and top leaders for the next five years. Organisations will need to create pools of candidates with high leadership potential. HCHR will draw up a succession plan that clearly sets out the factors to be taken into account and the process to be followed in relation to retaining or replacing any key person/function.

Remuneration and Reward

The correct remuneration and reward package is critical in today’s climate and it is not all about paying the most. Want to know if you are still offering a competitive salary package? Do you find your staff are leaving you? Is it difficult to retain staff? Perhaps the grass is greener elsewhere! HCHR will conduct ad hoc/annual salary surveys to provide you with the information you need to make commercial decisions. If this is a problem, we can help with exit interviews and developing a more appropriate reward system, better induction, and performance reviews.

Job Evaluation /Banding

Are you looking for an objective way to determine different job levels? HCHR has developed a range of simple options to enable small companies to evaluate and/or band jobs. Our schemes are simple factor/competency based schemes aligned to ACCAS guidelines. Staff are easily trained in its use and buy into the process because they are very simple and easy to operate and inexpensive to implement.

Managing Organisational Change

HCHR offers capabilities, proven tools and methods to help you plan and execute programmes of change, whether the programme complements an organisation transformation or focuses on more transactional change programmes.

We can enable your company to manage change with precision and predictability to help realise measurable, positive business outcomes.

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