Life in the Fast Lane

By 30th September 2018 HCHR

Fast laneA wise man once said “Schumacher’s success was when everyone else was braking he was accelerating.”

This started me thinking about success and how we individually measure and define success. 

Sometimes it can feel bitter-sweet. You can win a particular case on commerciality rather than morality. Not the sort of stuff that gives you that warm glow of satisfaction, which I hope tells you something about my moral compass.

As someone who’s in the first stages of embarking on the searching journey, into the dark mysterious world of marketing and branding, I’m asking myself what sets me and my business apart from others.. what’s my “offering” and “USP” positioning? !?

So far, my discovery has been value and relationships: providing value, being valued, adding value, aligned values.

Establishing long term relationships

Our commitment to caring about your business, staff, goals; these are the fundamentals that actually drive both me and my team.

When I talk about the HCHR team, “rolling up our sleeves to get the job done” new clients look at me dubiously, especially if their experience of HR is faceless 9-5 call centres; but nothing can be further from the truth. Only last night a colleague and I worked until 11pm to do exactly that, get the job done.

The MD needed the weekend to digest important information before Board meetings on Monday and so we gave him that, time, by keeping our foot on the gas and not “clocking off.”  Our reward, knowing we went above and beyond.

So to end: “Once something is a passion the motivation is there” Michael Schumacher


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