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Redundancy Compliance PackA small investment now, could save you thousands in the future.

The economic shock waves from the COVID-19 crisis have left many employers forced to consider making redundancies to make sure their businesses are in the strongest position to survive and thrive as the UK gradually comes out of lockdown. While redundancy is never a pleasant topic, it’s certainly one that requires careful consideration and expert guidance as the costs of getting it wrong can be substantial.

We have had many years of experience handling redundancies both small and large scale, alleviating business owners of the stress and anxiety it can cause in respect of the unpleasant job of having to let people go and the concern that if the process isn’t undertaken correctly there may be costly consequences further down the line.

Redundancy Compliance Pack

If you think getting professional help willbe too costly during an already costly redundancy exercise we believe you will be pleasantly surprised. You can currently buy our services in hourly slots as well as the usual retainer or project by project. So, if you need assistance dealing with redundancies or even peace of mind that everything you are doing or have done complies with all necessary regulations, please just call on 01792 296178 or email us at: One of our HR advisors will be in touch to discuss how we can help – no strings and 100% confidential.

And for those that require a ‘half way house’ HR service ie wishing to carry out the process personally but with the security that what they have done is compliant, we have put together a Redundancy Compliance Pack. This contains everything you need to carry out the redundancy process whilst remaining compliant, with additional written support and guidance. This support is backed up by the opportunity to talk it all through with an experienced HR professional, giving that peace in terms of compliance with the redundancy process and greatly reducing the chances of any issues later on.

So, what’s in the Redundancy Compliance Pack?

  • 1 hour’s phone consultation – Get expert guidance on if what you have done/or planning do is compliant.
  • Notes for Guidance – set out the procedure a business needs to follow when making staff redundant.
  • Template Redundancy Policy – outlines the statutory entitlements for redundant staff.
  • Template selection matrix – ensures every employee affected by redundancy is evaluated against a key set of criteria which is applied fairly and consistently.
  • Template letters – to inform employees that they’re at risk of redundancy, invited to a consultation meeting or being made redundant.
  • Template script for meetings – outline of how to conduct often difficult but necessary meetings.
  • Template termination letter – Issuing a formal dismissal letter ensures you follow the proper disciplinary process. You must get this right in order to reduce the likelihood of further disputes in relation to the dismissal decisi

And yes some similar items listed above are available to download free from the internet but we can guarantee that what you receive in this pack is 100% up to date and compliant in the UK. And as it comes with Notes for Guidance written during the COVID-19 pandemic there will be references to issues that may have arisen specifically from this situation, something you are unlikely to find in similar notes on the web. Add to this a complete hour of one to one telephone time with an experienced HR professional when issues can be raised and processes checked for compliance, this pack will give value to your business at £450 + VAT.

Ordering the Pack

If you have any questions you would like to ask about the pack, or indeed any related matter, please call us on: 01792 296178 or email us at:

If you would like to purchase the pack please also email us at  or you can order the pack online by clicking here and scrolling down to the end of the page to the ‘buy now’ option.


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