Health and Safety

Health & Safety is the Responsibility of the Business Owner

Our consultants can write a bespoke Health and Safety policy for you and organise a site visit to review your premises and its Health & Safety needs at an additional charge.

We recommend this approach for compliance reasons for some types of companies

Do you have? –

  • A written health and safety policy?
  • Clearly defined health & safety responsibilities and organisation structure?
  • Written operational procedures?
  • Risk assessments and safe working practices?
  • Access to competent persons?

If the answer to any of the above is NO, we can help.

Health & safety is a serious business and the legislation is extensive and daunting. We work with SME directors and managers to clarify their legal obligations and establish a health & safety infrastructure that is simple to understand and easy to use. When health & safety is integrated in day to day management activities it virtually manages itself – result!

We use suitably qualified health & safety associates to conduct specific risk assessments and audits to identify and prioritize any health & safety issues.

Health and Safety Diary System

When does that fire extinguisher need replacing? How often should you do a risk assessment? 
There is a lot to consider, which is why we recommend our health and safety diary system. What gets planned gets done. Agree what needs to be done, by whom, when, and schedule in reviews. Mange this system as you would any other key business process and health & safety will manage itself.


Stress Management:

Audits, risk assessment, training coaching

Driver Risk Management:

This easy to use internet facility, available for between £15 – £25 per person, will enable you to meet your HR and health & safety obligations for people driving in company business and even identify information about CO2 output which can help with your environmental and sustainability policy obligations.

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Health & Safety legislation places the burden of responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the MD.

Too busy to wade through the legislation?

Qualified health & safety advice and resource is only a telephone call away: 01792 296178