Getting Redundancy Right

By 29th June 2020 COVID 19, Redundancy

As lockdown is eased and the beginning of the end of furlough is in sight the word on the HR street is most definitely REDUNDANCY. We all knew that it was inevitable but as the reality strikes it is imperative that the process is completed correctly, if it isn’t there could be very costly consequences further on down the line as disgruntled ex-employees take their grievances to tribunal.

Bringing a case to tribunal is free for employees but regardless of outcome, win or lose, they are extremely costly for employers; financially with legal fees and the payout if you lose, reputation – being taken to a tribunal doesn’t look good and your time, which should be focused on building your business, not on court cases.

Free 10 Point Redunancy Plan

So to help avoid this we have put together a FREE 10 point plan to help guide you through the process of redundancy which you can access by clicking on the link below.

If you need more tailored advice why not give us a call on 01792 296 178 and one of our HR professionals will call you back for a no strings 100% confidential chat to see how we can help you moving forwards. We offer a totally bespoke plan to suit your budget. A small investment now, could save you thousands in the future. We work with any size of business from sole trader to multi nationals and across all industries.

There is no short cut to dealing with redundancy so ensuring that you do things correctly will help protect against future claims and give you the peace of mind that you followed the required process.


Now more than ever is the time to focus on building your business so that it can weather any additional storms ahead and continue to grow and thrive. Protecting against anything that may distract the business from its survival and growth path makes sound business sense.

Contact HCHR

If you think you would benefit from some expert HR advice and guidance just call us now on: 01792 296178 or email us at: and one of our HR advisors will call you back to discuss your requirements – no catch, no strings and 100% confindentia.



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