For Every Action There’s an Equal and Opposite Reaction

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Employee engagementFor every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction…. so states Newton’s 3rd Law, which is never more apparent than in January.

The Christmas break is a distant memory; you may be sat at your desk doing dry January, Veganuary or each of the above. Exccept (as in my case) you’re left with the reminder of festivities being a little bit more squidgy that you were a month ago.  Christmas is the action, your waistline and bank balance are the equal and opposite reactions. One increases, the other diminishes.

The knock-on effect? A general lack of workplace productivity, motivation and engagement.

But it doesn’t have to be the case.

For some companies January is a time of vigour and execution. What separates the two is their approaches to employee engagement.

Its proven, today’s employees seek development opportunities, sustainable benefits, and support networks.

The term ‘Blue Monday’ was coined by Dr Cliff Arnall, who devised a formula for the most miserable day of the year. He identified personal debt, poor weather conditions, and abandoned New Year’s Resolutions as the combination of reasons that make the third Monday in January the day we’re likely to be at our lowest ebb.

Whilst there’s little HR can do about weather conditions (disappointingly my HR miracles don’t stretch this far) as a Managing Director myself, I’m looking at staff incentives to help my team feel more “perky” e.g. Monday morning positive team meetings, unexpected free lunch, early finish on a Friday as small ways in which to strengthen working relationships and align efforts.

There are loads of companies that excel in this space and who are famed for their deep understanding of their people. Yet, I still have clients who resist change.

That’s why conducting an employee survey is a good place to start. I urge you, in 2019, to discover what your staff really feel about their workplaces, environment and senior leaders; you may be pleasantly surprised.  Opinions are not all financially driven. Are existing benefits appreciated? Could a ‘thank you” or more internal training be what engages your staff?

Whatever the results, they’ll give you a starting point…

And to quote another great scholar:

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.”

― Albert Einstein


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