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By 8th October 2018 October 11th, 2018 recruitment

 Recruit in haste, repent at leisure

As a professional business owner, you understand that filling your team with top talent is critical.

However, you also know that open positions and mis-hires result in lost revenue but you don’t have the time to source and develop talent yourself.

That’s where HCHR come in.

In order to prevent gaps in your team, you need an HR team to act as your business partners. This way, we both succeed and your company profits.

Specifically, here’s what HCHR can do to help.

  • Proactively source and recruit talent: you never want an open position on your team. HR needs to be proactive rather than reactive, and prepare for these open headcounts in advance. To do this, you must have a solid recruiting process in place.
  • Clear-cut hiring process: ‘understand the workflow for hiring a candidate.
  • Succession planning:  identifying and developing new managers and leaders who can replace those who leave.
  • Standard job profile:  prepared solid job description of competencies and capabilities that any given role should have.
  • Accurate Salary Benchmarks: this way, we can recruit the best candidates. As always, you get what you pay for. Still, sourcing talent is only one half the battle. You also need help from HR in developing that talent.
  • On-board and develop talent: creating an effective on-boarding and development program.

As business partners, we can work together for the benefit of the entire organization. And with HCHR resources and expertise, we can make that happen.

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