Employment Contracts

Importance of employee contracts

Contracts, policies and procedures are the human resources life blood of any successful business, no matter what size, to protect both the organisation and employees alike.

How can we help?

Letters of Appointment

HCHR will draft the bespoke appointment letters for each new starter and supply reference request systems, medical screening form etc.


Contract of Employment

Did you know that by law each employee should have a contract of employment within 8 weeks of their start date? HCHR will draft a contract of employment stating each individuals terms and conditions. We will also provide template contracts and train in-house staff in how to use for the future.


Employee Handbook

The employee handbook contains all policies and procedures unique to the organisation and also the statutory requirements. Should any policies or legal updates become prominent, HCHR will update the handbook to meet the required legislation. This is an essential document for communication to staff and to protect the company.



Policies cover the main dos and don’ts for the individual and the organisation. Most common policies include: sick policy, alcohol/drugs policy, health and safety, data protection, internet policy, equal opportunities, parental leave, harassment, stress policy etc. HCHR will tailor your polices and procedures as appropriate to your business.



Recruitment is an expensive business. Induction is a sound investment to help with retention. We take this opportunity to communicate important company policies and procedures and obtain signatures from staff accordingly. We pride ourselves on preparing and delivering comprehensive and interesting programmes.


Employment issues

Our promise to you is tailored, bespoke HR packages for your company

Do you have the documentation and policies you need to protect your business?

We can help with training –

  • Induction
  • Appraisals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Disciplinary/ Grievance
  • Short term/ long term absence management i.e. long-term sick
  • Bradford factor

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