Introducing the HCHR Redundancy Compliance Pack

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Redundancy Compliance PackA small investment now, could save you thousands in the future.

The economic shock waves from the COVID-19 crisis have left many employers forced to consider making redundancies to make sure their businesses are in the strongest position to survive and thrive as the UK gradually comes out of lockdown. While redundancy is never a pleasant topic, it’s certainly one that requires careful consideration and expert guidance as the costs of getting it wrong can be substantial. Read More

Getting Redundancy Right

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As lockdown is eased and the beginning of the end of furlough is in sight the word on the HR street is most definitely REDUNDANCY. We all knew that it was inevitable but as the reality strikes it is imperative that the process is completed correctly, if it isn’t there could be very costly consequences further on down the line as disgruntled ex-employees take their grievances to tribunal. Read More

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