What Will Your Employees Bring Back from Spain?

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The newspaper headlines are currently awash with the surprise decision made by the UK Government over the weekend to remove Spain (including the Canaries and Balearic Islands) from the travel corridors exemption list as of midnight on 25th July 2020. This means that anyone returning from these countries must self-isolate for 14 days upon their return to the UK.
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Introducing the HCHR Redundancy Compliance Pack

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Redundancy Compliance PackA small investment now, could save you thousands in the future.

The economic shock waves from the COVID-19 crisis have left many employers forced to consider making redundancies to make sure their businesses are in the strongest position to survive and thrive as the UK gradually comes out of lockdown. While redundancy is never a pleasant topic, it’s certainly one that requires careful consideration and expert guidance as the costs of getting it wrong can be substantial. Read More

Getting Redundancy Right

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As lockdown is eased and the beginning of the end of furlough is in sight the word on the HR street is most definitely REDUNDANCY. We all knew that it was inevitable but as the reality strikes it is imperative that the process is completed correctly, if it isn’t there could be very costly consequences further on down the line as disgruntled ex-employees take their grievances to tribunal. Read More

Redundancy vs Furlough. Is this unfair dismissal?

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Unfair dismissalWill it be an unfair dismissal if an employer makes someone redundant rather than placing them on furlough?’

This is a question that we are frequently being asked by clients and I’m afraid the simple answer is- it is not a one answer fits all. There are always risks associated with terminating employees, for whatever reason,  and now more than ever this is the case. This is an entirely new situation with no case law or direction to be taken from employment tribunal decisions. It is therefore extremely difficult to determine whether an employment tribunal would find such a dismissal to be unfair at this stage. Read More

Can you afford the cost of getting it wrong?

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Did you know if employees can prove they caught coronavirus at work and the employer cannot show they have taken appropriate steps to prevent this, the employer could be liable for the employee’s losses which could mean some employees being unable to work for some-time and/or employees experiencing more serious health implications.

Some employees may be able to establish that the employer unnecessarily exposed them to danger and risk with potential liabilities including health and safety protections, unfair dismissal and even discrimination claims. Read More

The Covid Safety Compliance Pack

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Safety compliance packIf your business is returning to work there is a great deal that needs to be done and we appreciate that the Health and Safety element, although vital, is only part of what employers have to think about. Which is precisely why here at HCHR we have spent many hours (day and yes nights!) creating our Covid Safety Compliance Pack which includes a checklist of everything that we, as HR professionals, can think of that will need an employer’s attention in order to ensure a safe environment moving forwards for your business. Read More

Going back? Make sure you’re ready

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Following the Government’s announcement on 10th May some businesses are being encouraged to get back up and running from this week.

We are helping businesses nationwide to ensure that they comply with all necessary measures set out in the Government’s published guidance that need to be taken before their people start returning to the workplace. Read More

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