Are you ready for April 6th?

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We understand how easy it is to get side-tracked and forget important deadlines, particularly with the current situation with Covid-19. So we want to remind you that from next week, Monday 6th April, there is a change in legislation and all business must be ready to comply.

Currently we have not had word from the Government to suggest any delay in the introduction and requirement of employers to comply to this new legislation, therefore we strongly advise you act now, if you haven’t already, to avoid possibly falling foul of increased penalties for those that breach their new employment law obligations. Read More

Thinking Ahead to Holidays

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Although such times may feel far away at the moment, there will come a time when we can start thinking about holidays again. But with the current situation many employers and indeed employees are confused and concerned about how much holiday may have to be taken now or how much will be allowed to be carried over and not ‘lost’ due to the normal contractual rules.

Well, thankfully, in response to the coronavirus pandemic the Government has introduced a temporary new law regarding just this, to deal with the coronavirus disruption. Read More

Unprecedented measures for unprecedented times… Rishi Sunik”

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These are indeed unprecedented times, and as such, all business owners are finding themselves facing not only some unprecedented business decisions, but also, for some, moral ones.

Last week Rishi Sunak announced, much to the relief of the business community, that the government will cover 80% of wages for those eligible in order to ensure that companies can survive Covid-19 and that their employees can have some reassurance about their jobs. Read More

COVID 19 – A Few Burning HR Questions Answered

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As the situation with Coronavirus unfolds questions from our clients regarding all aspects of their business keep on coming. As we know many of these issues will be applicable to most companies we have shared them for you here.

Are employees who are self-isolating entitled to sick pay?

Under Chancellor Sunak’s new 2020 budget, statutory sick pay (SSP) will be extended to all of those who are eligible and have to self-isolate, even if they are not sick themselves or showing symptoms. Read More

Do you effectively manage the ‘people’ side of risk?

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RiskMost Executives take managing risk quite seriously, the better to evade the kinds of crises that can destroy reputations, value and even cause ruin to an organisation.

Especially in the wake of the Brexit, many are striving to put in place more thorough risk-related processes and oversight structures in order to detect and correct, safety breaches, operational errors, and over-leveraging before they become full-blown disasters. Read More

Managing a Disciplinary Hearing and the Cost of Getting it Wrong

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Disciplinary HearingA disciplinary hearing can be a difficult area for employers.

Even though there can be a wealth of evidence against an employee, if a fair process is not followed, it leaves the employer open to the risk of a claim for unfair dismissal

If, following an investigation, an employer decides that there is a disciplinary case for an employee to answer, a disciplinary hearing should be arranged. Read More

The Importance of Training in HR Management

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TrainingOne of the key reasons many senior managers leave an organisation is the lack of training and development opportunities within the business. There is no doubt, that companies which do implement a culture of training and development hit the jackpot when it comes to employee retention, not just at the highest level but throughout the organisation too. Read More

Knowing When to Outsource Your HR Function

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If you’re business is growing, there’s a good chance you’re thinking about how to approach human resources to deal with the additional responsibilities that come with growth. If you don’t have the skills or funds to develop an in-house team, then outsourcing to an HR specialist or consultant, like HCHR, will give you access to skills, knowledge and support, and save you costs in the long run Read More

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