Workplace Mediators

Recognising When Workplace Mediation is Required

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  • Conflict over individual working practices
  • Disagreements over certain behaviours or relationships
  • Allegations of unfair or unequal treatment
  • Conflicts between departments over scarce resources.
Do any of these situations sound familiar? If so, you could benefit from the services of a workplace mediation specialist.

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What is workplace mediation?

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  • Conduct sessions on client premises.
  • Draft/update policies to include a firm culture of resolution.
  • Help set up and establish internal mediation systems.
  • Coach managers/supervisors on how to deal with difficult employee situations.
  • Provide mediators to supplement an internal workplace mediation system.
  • Teach managers how to identify potential future conflicts, and how take appropriate actions to prevent further conflict.

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Workplace Mediation Case Study Video

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You can also download our free workplace guide to mediation in the sidebar.

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Conflict in the workplace

Can you afford to let any dispute or conflict grow to proportions that threaten the integrity of your business? Disagreements can quickly run away from you and cause a variety of unseen problems. Make sure you stay in control.

Professional mediators at hchr can provide hands on help and support to solve almost any conflict across any business sector.

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