Workplace Mediation – Unsatisfactory Grievance Outcomes

Are you experiencing unsatisfactory grievance outcomes in your business?

So here’s the scenario: you’ve followed the procedure; the issue has been resolved but the parties remain hostile? Why is that?

The grievance procedure tends to solve the problem so that the employer can understand the issue at face value. Unfortunately the underlying issues between the parties are often left unaddressed by this process. Often the cause of the conflict is six of one and half a dozen of the other; in these situations, whilst it is helpful for the employer to understand the problem it is essential that both parties resolve their issues effectively themselves in order to move on.

Workplace Mediation

Mediation is the process that facilitates this. Recommended by ACAS mediation is gaining in popularity as it delivers a long lasting result which is missing from most Grievance outcomes.

It sounds like common sense doesn’t it? An impartial third party facilitates the disputing parties to identify their concerns, listen to each other and work a way forward. In essence sounds straightforward but it requires significant skill to empower the parties to achieve the transformation in their understanding and their behaviour going forward.

Often mediation occurs after the Grievance process has been completed but it is equally valid and arguably better to conduct the mediation as an initial option. Of course once the parties agree their solution the need for the time consuming Grievance process is negated.

hchr Mediation Services

At hchr we have a team of qualified workplace mediators who have a track record in resolving workplace issues. The process is efficient and effective, delivered by a series of meetings on the same day for a one-off of £600 + VAT.

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