Here we summarise the latest employment law changes and legal updates that can impact on most businesses.

There are many new cost pressures on employing people, with some sectors hit particularly hard. But failure to comply with these statutory wages should not be seen as an option. Aside from the financial squeeze a shortfall puts on staff, HMRC has significant fining powers plus the ability to name and shame offenders. Tread carefully….

On 1st April, the National Minimum and Living Wages increased. The big news this year is that they increased together in April (the National Living Wage rise has been brought forward from October). Good news here, as that should streamline administration somewhat. So what will the new rates be?

The Government has introduced several new changes in employment law in 2017. Brief details of these changes are listed below.


1. Take a break. Have a Kit Kat

Employers in the UK are so far behind those in much of the rest of the first world. While we are weighing up how we accommodate flexible working requests and shared parental leave, elsewhere the talk is about sex breaks… yes that right.

Per-Erik Muskos, a member of the Overtornea council in Sweden, proposed the city afford its employees a one-hour midweek sex break. It’s a fitness thing.

More information here. 


2. Don’t Shoot the Messenger

 It has been revealed that Parcelforce charge self-employed drivers £250 per day if they are sick and unable to find a replacement driver.

Approximately 25% of Parcelforce’s couriers are self-employed and, as you can imagine, this has not gone down well!

For more details click here.


3. Culture Vulture


These days, it seems like more and more companies are thinking about their corporate culture. A good culture is viewed as a solid strategy for driving job satisfaction and – ultimately – attracting and retaining the best and brightest employees in our increasingly competitive talent market.

So what does culture have to do with compensation? Turns out, just about everything.
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4. Flexible Working


Working from home is a great perk.

Although sometimes its easy to get distracted  – perhaps the TV or the dog wanting to play ball.

Did you catch the viral sensation (20 million YouTube views in a week!) Professor Robert Kelly, comically the distraction came from his two young children.  And, comically, they did their thing during a live Skype interview on BBC News.

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5. Three Top Tips to Making Managers Successful

Whilst there are many things which can influence the success of your team, a great manager is a key factor when it comes to keeping people motivated and on the road to success. An effective manager can make all the difference between a successful team and one that falls short.

As such an important influence, it’s key that managers, especially those in their first management role, feel they have all the resources and knowledge available to them to help drive their team to success. New, first-time managers need to go into their role feeling able and equipped to undertake all their duties.

Here are three tips for developing first time managers and making sure the transition from team member to team leader is a smooth one.
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6. Wales HR Awards

We are delighted to announce that our HR consultant, Cherry Torrance, has won the category of Independent HR Consultant in the first ever Wales HR Awards.
What’s more, our MD, Shakira Joyner, was also a finalist in these awards which took place at a glittering blacke tie ceremony in Cardiff last month.

Cherry has more than  25 years HR, Health & Safety and general management experience both within organisations and as a consultant. her flexible, tailored approach has ensured success in implementing performance orientated HR solutions within a diverse range of private, public and 3rd sector organisations.

Her experience spans companies within the manufacturing, engineering, construction, retailing and services sectors (e.g. Balfour Beatty, Jet-Vac Systems, Excelerate Technology, Silverwing, Chromogenex, Asda) and also a range of public sector and charitable organisations (e.g. various Women’s Aid Groups, Housing Associations, Glasgow Tourist Board, Archways Care).

We are delighted that Cherry has won this award in recognition of her expertise and knowledge.

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