Managing Underperforming Individuals

Do you have individuals in your workplace who aren’t quite getting it or not putting as much effort in as the rest of the team? This scenario can be a manager’s nightmare.

It has to be said that great employees more or less manage themselves; whilst the grossly negligent and incompetent are relatively easy to identify and to take action against as appropriate. But it’s the plodder or slightly under performer who presents the real challenge for managers. They can often slip under the radar with their work being compensated by other, better performing employees.

So what can be done? Well let’s go back to those good employees who manage themselve , just bottle for a moment.  These people are born not made perhaps? Or is it that they identify and understand the common goal and standards and work accordingly?

Manager’s Role

The manager’s role is to communicate these goals and train all staff to deliver. Common sense again but often managers need support from their HR department on strategies for measuring and communicating performance standards, business goals etc.

The managers are skilled in knowing what standards are required and qualified HR advice can develop and implement a system of performance management to help them in this important management task.

HR driven projects include taking staff through the capability procedure, training managers to identify and communicate the performance shortfall and an action plan for staff to lift their game,.  It is also essential to develop and implement and 1-2-1 systems that managers want to use because they deliver results rather than acting as a box ticking paper exercise with no perceived value.

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