How Do You Manage Conflict in the Workplace?

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This article was written by Heather.

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• Interdepartmental conflict over scarce resources.
• Conflict arising from individual behaviour/relationships.
• Conflicting perceptions of performance/personalities/relationships.
• Allegations of discrimination, or unfair or unequal treatment.
• A severe breakdown in communication (which tends to be the manifestation of some of the issues listed above).
• A grievance or disciplinary situation, although in certain circumstances mediation may be unsuitable (see our e-book for more information).

Why should HR conflicts be resolved?

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What is mediation?

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rezeptfrei viagra alternative • Conduct mediations on client premises.
• Draft policies/update existing policies to embed a culture of resolution.
• Provide qualified mediators to supplement in house mediation schemes in large organisations.
• Help organisations to set up and establish internal mediation services and recommend a suitable training provider.
• Coach managers in how to deal with difficult conversations.
• Broadening the range of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and CR (Conflict Resolution) options and services.
• Draft memorandum of understanding, if required.
• Subject to the constraints of confidentiality, we can advise on cultural issues and coach managers to identify future conflicts, and take appropriate action to prevent escalation.
• Provide a post mediation action plan to support parties, to identify conflict, and to deploy defusing strategies to retain harmony.

To find out more about mediation, please enter your details in the sidebar to download our e-book, ‘A Free Guide to Mediation in the Workplace’.

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