Costs and Time Involved in Recruiting Good Staff

How to increase staff retentionAre you concerned about the cost and time involved in recruiting good staff?

If you find you have no time to recruit staff, you probably get CVs from expensive agencies. But is this saving you time in the long run? How many CVs are you actually looking at?

You probably don’t have time to conduct days of interviews so you make your criteria as stringent, as possible, to whittle the CVs down to a manageable number? Is this approach getting you the results you want? How much is it costing in time?

Skilled Employees

Let’s look at this a different way. The wage bill is often the biggest expense in any company but it is certainly the best investment. Your business cannot exist and  thrive without skilled employees at all levels who identify with the company and its goals. Finding them takes time.  Like a marriage you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your handsome prince or princess.  We also say ‘recruit in haste repent at leisure’.

Incorrectly recruited staff can result in high turnover cost, which is essentially money, time and effort, down the drain. So if you look at recruitment as an investment it isn’t something that you should be cutting corners with but you should be looking for the most cost effective option.

A dedicated recruiter will spread the net far and wide with an open mind searching for candidates with the core skills experience and most importantly a good fit for the organization. At hchr we manage the process for you, spending all the time that you cannot spare so that we can present to you a shortlist of candidates that have already been interviewed and are interested in working for you. Your time is optimised.

Holistic Approach to Recruitment

We also charge for our time rather than a fixed fee or a percentage of salary of this is considerably cost effective with senior and multiple recruits of the same role.  We also treat recruitment as a holistic process rather than a one off event.  Having found the ideal candidate as HR consultants we offer packages of support to help you manage the induction and probationary process, optimising performance by setting clear objectives for training, for example, during the probationary period.

Our aim is to ensure that the promises made by both parties at interview are fulfilled. It is worth noting that the costs of our alternative tailor made approach are competitive when compared to standard agency model.  So invest upfront, optimise management time, and reduce the cost of staff turnover  – the secret to great recruitment. 

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