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As your award-winning, outsourced human resources support, we are there as and when you need us. For a fraction of the cost of having your own in house team.

We have a proven track record in resolving problems such as:
* Unsatisfactory grievance outcomes Read More
* Individuals who are not putting as much as the rest of the team Read More
* The cost and time it takes to recruit good staff Read More

Comprehensive HR & Employment Law service from just £50 per month

Our Mission:
Our mission is to support the goals and challenges of our clients by providing HR services that promote a work environment that is characterised by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. We seek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimise the operating principles of each and every organisation that we work with. Read our full mission statement here.

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HR Solutions

1“A company’s workforce is one of its most valuable assets. Effective, bespoke HR strategies help to maximise the asset and sustain business relationships.”

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HR Protection

2“So, you’ve put some policies and procedures together. How can you ensure that your policies will protect not only the employees, but also the company?”

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Employment Safety

3“The smaller a company is, the less likely they are to have dedicated in house support, but every company needs pragmatic, experienced help in difficult times.”

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HR well-being

4“Are you aware of the extensive and important legislation surrounding health and safety? Every company can benefit from clarification of their Health and Safety infrastructure.”

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1“We chose hchr because we wanted a personal touch to our day-to-day HR management. We get sound, sensible advice, training and hands-on help -a cost effective solution.”
David Brice, Operations Director, London


HYDE + HYDE Architects

2Being introduced to the HCHR team has been a very positive experience. The team’s enthusiasm has turned our business HR from a simple compliance exercise into a bespoke solution for clear communication with our staff and on-going business growth.
Kay Hyde, Director


JLA Recycling

3“I was very pleased with how the project was handled and the way in which the consultants represented the business and dealt with the sensitive nature of the case. hchr’s no fuss approach was business focused and effective and they lived up to their recommendation.”
John Adams, Director


Swansea Creatives

4It was invaluable to have the support of an experienced, independent HR consultant. hchr were understanding and empathetic to the problem, giving us invaluable advice and guidance all along the way.
Jackie Balboni, Director



Staff Retention

1“How detrimental are relatively short periods of employment? Some staff turnover is desirable and to be expected, but how do you avoid unnecessary staff turnover?”

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Conflict Mediation

2“How do you manage conflict in the workplace? Mediation is championed by ACAS because it offers the very real prospect of a long term, win – win, solution.”

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Retained Service

3“The other day we were in the same boat as you, weighing up the pros and cons of taking on a retained support contract. We’ve learnt techniques to apply to our own service.”

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Indirect Discrimination

4“The recent  coverage of Marks & Spencer’s policy of allowing members of staff to refuse to serve customers buying pork or alcohol has worried many employers.”

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Disciplinary & Grievance

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Workplace Mediation

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Social Media at Work

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All Videos

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